Mastering TIC

About adeptic

adeptic is a boutique strategy consulting company with focus on and unique expertise in the Test, Inspection and Certification (TIC) industry.

We provide value-adding consulting and advice based on our longstanding in-depth experience in TIC – for companies, investors and financial institutions.

In addition to our consulting services, we regularly publish reports and notes based on our research and monitoring, providing exclusive, profound and useful strategic TIC insights for our clients.

Why adeptic makes a difference

adeptic delivers independent and reliable high-quality strategic expertise, analysis and evaluation for and of the TIC industry – providing profound strategic advice from TIC experts who have worked in the industry, being responsible for Strategy and Corporate Development at major players.

With that, it closes a gap in the consulting market, because banks, analysts and independent equity researchers rather put on emphasis on financials and big name consultancies only cover the industry as a “sideshow”.

This is our edge and what distinguishes us from the rest:

We know TIC, and we focus on TIC. Permanently, in-depth and regarding all its facets.

Fresh strategic insight – adeptic’s new market report

Testing, Inspection & Certification: Focus

  • Our first first comprehensive report on the Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) industry, providing a genuinely strategic perspective based on our in-depth proprietary research and analysis
  • 46 pages, 27 charts, 12 tables plus detailed M&A profiles for the 13 largest industry players (50 pages on M&A in total)
  • Main finding and thesis: the TIC industry (still) is structurally very attractive, but will require more focus to be able to successfully deal with mounting challenges and upcoming disruption